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We founded the dance company NUEPIKO in 2017 in Kaunas. We took the first steps on the stage as a dance company within the framework of the performances “(g) round zero” and “Overheat”. It was quite a success. The performances received great recognition from the audience, and the founding members of the company, who directed them, were awarded or nominated for the most important Lithuanian and Kaunas’ performing arts awards. Over time, we began to create and spread movement beyond the stage. Currently, NUEPIKO not only engages in creative dance performance projects, collaborates with other Lithuanian performing arts and culture institutions and organizations, but also actively participates in educational, community, contemporary dance dissemination initiatives, and seeks to find innovative and unconventional ways to develop our ideas. Although NUEPIKO is currently made up of an exclusively men dancers, we believe it is the result of a similar creative vision and common values the members of the company share, rather than ​​ a deliberate conceptual decision. We are always open to new ideas, activities and opportunities for collaboration.


NUEPIKO’s main value is the respect for the individuality, creative freedom and expression of each member of the company. We appreciate the unique artistic style of each member of the company and believe that it is the mutual respect that creates a harmonious team atmosphere and opens the door to the variety of ideas.


We live in the comfort society, surrounded by a constant external stimulation. That’s why now more than ever we feel the need to return to our natural ability to create, communicate with the body, reflect, imagine and dance to make sense of the world around us and creatively fulfill our human potential. The NUEPIKO team believes that a wide range of the company’s activities can help achieve this


To strive for a diverse, professional and accessible dissemination of contemporary dance in Lithuania and abroad through creative, educational and community-based NUEPIKO’s activities.

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