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Founder of the dance company NUEPIKO, choreographer, dancer

Contemporary dance performer, choreographer and movement researcher, developing his artistic practice in Lithuania and abroad. For seven years, Marius was a member of Kaunas AURA Dance Theatre. Recently, became better known as a founder, choreographer and dancer in the dance company NUEPIKO. Marius is an active artist, expanding the boundaries of contemporary dance in his hometown Kaunas and participating in the development of the cultural field in Lithuania. Marius has been actively teaching and sharing his dance knowledge with students, participating in dance/movement workshops and taking courses in Europe.


Founder of the dance company NUEPIKO, dancer, composer

A composer of electronic music and a contemporary dance performer, creating and participating in various dance and music projects both in Lithuania and abroad.  Andrius was a longtime dancer in Kaunas AURA Dance Theater and is one of the founders of the dance company NUEPIKO. Relentlessly thinking of how to combine elements of dance and music into a unique synthesis, he seeks to entertain viewers and listeners. Since 2015, he has been composing music for dance performances, that way seeking an even more sincere and meaningful connection with the audience.



Member of NUEPIKO, choreographer, dancer

Dancer, teacher, choreographer and performance artist. Born in Canada, raised in Mexico, where he engaged in dance and which evoked in him a sense of purpose. Adrian went on to find inspiration in street dance styles, theater and contemporary dance, which eventually led to the development of his own approach to movement, working alongside dance companies such as “Cía. Médula”, “La Quinto Danza y Teatro” and other collectives abroad. Currently residing in Lithuania, Carlo is a member of the dance company NUEPIKO and ŠŠA (The Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association). He has been performing and choreographing interdisciplinary works for theatre, dance and contemporary circus, and is always committed to helping students by sharing his knowledge with the community.



Art critic and emerging curator with extensive cross-disciplinary experience in curating expositions, coordinating cultural events, art mediation and journalism. Her work involves a wide range of collaborations in the fields of photography, arthouse cinema and contemporary dance. Justė holds a master’s degree in Contemporary Art Curatorship and a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Criticism at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas. As an art critic, she is interested in institutional critique, artists’ self-management initiatives, and artistic practices aimed at rethinking art.

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